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The Road Tess Traveled


Join me and my dog Novie on the road this summer as I make my way across the country!


The pandemic has taken a lot away from people, and I am so acutely aware of how lucky I am to have been (pretty much) okay throughout it. However, it did pull me away from something that I love: songwriting, recording, and performing. I believe that this art form AND the visual arts are ways that we can impact people for the better, uplift and acknowledge each other's humanity, and connect with our fellow humans.


So I'm asking you to come with me on an adventure propelled by creativity from the comfort of your home this July. I will be traveling from Salisbury, MD, to Portland, OR, to Burlington, WA (route TBD and shared with you all!) and then back to the east coast.


In all honesty, I don’t like asking people for money. But I’m looking at this as a way to really dig in creatively this summer, hold myself accountable by knowing I have people invested, make work I believe in, and make a once-in-a-lifetime trip. I really think this could be the start of something great and even sow a seed for other big dreams I have for the future. It feels a little bold and a little scary, but that’s also what makes me want to do it.


Money will go towards food, lodging, gas, car emergency fund, and allow me to write and create and get songs to your earholes and art to your eyeballs. By giving, you will be granted access to behind-the-scenes videos, all the songs I write and record (2-4 per week), files of visual work I create that you can download and print or use as background art on any of your devices! It will also allow you access to t-shirts, mugs, and other merch from my online store ( at cost, as a thank you for your support!


Solo travel is freeing and well worth it, but it can get lonely.

SO I hope you will join me on the road this July!

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If you'd like to give:

Venmo- @mmmkaycreative

vicarious adventurers!

Click on the lovely little envelope to type in your password!

play 2my way-11.jpg
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