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01 about

My name is Tessa McKay (mmmkay?) Stultz. I believe we are creative beings. Created to create. This engrained impulse and purpose connects us as people in places where there would otherwise be canyons between us. Purpose looks different for everybody, but for me it has been naturally materializing through the arts my entire life.

My hope is that my work would create a space at the table for anyone who needs a seat; to sit, feel at home, be heard, and know they are worthy of the place they hold.


02 portfolio

My work ranges from fine art to music, illustrative to geometric, wedding videography to birth photography, text-heavy to purely visual. Using a myriad of mediums, I express creativity in various forms and styles, communicating messages of hope, telling stories of struggles and triumphs, and embracing a love for aesthetics that finds beauty in everyday life. 

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04 contact

Tel: 301-646-9840

212 W. Main Street, Apt. 1

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